production shots

This piece was first carved out of stone, then cast in another material and sprayed with auto body paint.

Robin Antar

wine Knot

16"h X 11"w X 9"d

Cast  in resin from an original stone carving


Custom orders available in any color.

On show at LuminArte Fine Art Gallery, Dallas, TX

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Wine Knots

Robin Antar presents her line of "Wine Knots" - sculptures that not only hold wine, but are also stand-alone works of art. When the wine runs out, there is never an empty wine rack lying around.

This elegant, curvaceous sculpture is both functional and beautiful. It can serve as a table centerpiece for holiday gatherings or a conversation piece gracing any room in the home. No matter how the “Wine Knots” are displayed, the modern and simple design will make a bold statement.