​Sculpture is a difficult art form to master. Robin Antar’s beautiful and stunning realistic sculptures present an insightful look at intersections of food, pop culture, and American identity. Discover her range of realistic sculpture with Realism in Stone, Inc.

Discover Robin Antar

Antar’s journey with sculpture began over four decades ago in 1973 and she continues to refine her art every day. Her hyperrealist sculptures blossom out of her unique perspective on the world — literally.

Antar is blind in one eye and has been from birth. She has a rare condition, retrolental fibroplasia, connected to her blindness. Antar uses her unique vision of the world to craft intricate and detailed sculptures that pay close attention to the depth of the images that she creates.

America is a common theme in Antar’s realistic sculptures and manifests often in food and other pop culture elements. Antar demonstrates the complexities of modern American life through her life-like sculptures that simultaneously convey movement and stillness.

Learn About Antar’s Sculpture

Antar has four ongoing collections of sculptures. These collections are:

  • What Is America?
  • American Freedom of Expression
  • Ethnic America
  • What Is America Now?

Each of these collections offers a different insight into American culture and life.

Antar also has a series of commissions of national and global products that build on her work with realistic sculpture in these other settings.

Explore the ways that Antar examines American culture through popular food items such as a hamburger and fries, Oreos, or even a ballpark frank in her collection What Is America?. She continues that examination through clothing items.

Ethnic America displays Antar’s Jewish heritage and provokes questions about how ethnic traditions are woven throughout American culture. Her collection, What is America Now? , builds on these ideas and the work in  What is America? to explore questions of American identity in the rise of increasingly polarized politics.

Contact Robin Antar at (917) 841-6383 to discuss her realistic sculptures or visit the purchase artwork page for details on purchasing specific sculptures.

Realistic Sculptures

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