The stone knots represent the anxieties and difficulties of raising children.


Robin Antar is well-known for her Pop art series and her distinct brand of hyperrealism in stone, carving iconic American food and designer clothing with meticulous detail as lasting monuments to contemporary life.

The early years of Antar’s artistic practice however, even as a teen, were spent in abstraction, with forms visualized from the inside out, rather than the outside in.

Aesthetic beauty and superficial thought were none of her concern in the beginning as she focused on fundamental feelings and basic sensations, resulting in sculptures with an uncommon perspective, jarring color and anomalous form.
Then came her early “graphic works” which were carved with patterns that use an overlapping effect to create tension and a competition of forms, with each form “fighting for its own individuality, as life itself,” Antar says.

Antar turned to realism in the late nineties and despite the notoriety of her Pop art, she still continued her abstract series.

Her “organic works” represented the specific emotions or experience of a particular event in the artist’s life, such as Birth 1. Stone “knots” initially represented the anxieties and difficulties of raising children.

Later sculptures deepened Antar’s exploration, inspired by her life experiences and using a wide variety of stone from around the world. Newer works reflect universal themes of struggle.

“I sometimes need to breathe my emotions into the grooves of my work,” Antar said. “It’s a different process than the realism series.”

In both cases, Antar’s work is infused with all the forces at play. Joy, heartache or rage simply adds more fuel to the fire.
“Whether I’m creating abstracts or realism, my passion is to create virtual records of cultural and personal events that have impacted me greatly,” Antar said.

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Each of these sculptures represents emotions and experiences of life.


With this style, Antar shares the experience of vision through fundamental feelings and basic sensations. Each is visualized and sculpted from the inside out.

Organic works

These sculptures are created to represent the specific emotions or experience of a particular event that inspired the artist.


Relationships, Conversations and Pondering Life.

 Abstract Stone Sculpture


This type of sculpture has patterns that have tension to create an overlapping effect. Each sculpture is fighting for its own individuality.

Wine Knots

These sculptures are made to hold bottles of wine, but can also be used as a standalone art piece as an attractive alternative to a traditional wine rack.

Commission Information

An abstract stone sculpture is the perfect way to showcase creativity and add a modern, unique touch to a home, business, or office. In addition to the works presented here, a custom piece can be commissioned.

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