Robin Antar




7"h X 14"w X 10"d

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Robin Antar


Marble and mixed media


29"h X 15"w X 20"d

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The U. S. Constitution in a knot

Production shots - Summer 2018

Sculpture to be completed: Summer 2019

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A new series began surfacing in 2018, as Robin Antar began exploring combining her Pop culture work with the emotionality of her abstractions. Her current work-in-progress involves representing the U.S. Constitution as a stone “knot” sculpture.

“I decided to combine the two art styles in this sculpture to express all the craziness that is going on in our history, not as a political statement but as an observation of events and trends.”

- Robin Antar

Robin Antar

WIN THE FIGHT - bronze

Cast from an original stone carving


Bronze / AP

7"h X 14"w X 16"d 

A/P SOLD  Edition size: 12

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This piece was carved after the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center.


"I was thinking, what is America, what could I carve in stone that would represent this event that forever changed America? I wanted the piece to transcend the obvious symbols of the Twin Towers or the American flag. To me, America is comfort food and fun, so M&M's became the perfect representation for America in this sculpture." 

- Robin Antar

North Tower 9/11 prompted Antar to continue her exploration into food for the answers to "What is America?"


These boxing gloves were originally inspired by Robin Antar's personal struggles but have become part of the "What is American Now?" series as they represent a strong symbolism of America's current political conflicts.


WIN THE FIGHT - marble

Carrara marble


7"h X 16"d X 14"w

On show at ABC Stone, Brooklyn, NY

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This piece was created during the Trump campaign which represented a change in America's political environment.

Divided America !

These pieces represent major events that have happened in recent times that have greatly affected American culture.