These boxing gloves were originally inspired by Robin Antar's personal struggles but have become part of the "What is American Now?" series as they represent a strong symbolism of America's current political conflicts.

This piece was created during the Trump campaign which represented a change in America's political environment.

Divided America !

These pieces represent major events that have happened in recent times that have greatly affected American culture.

The U. S. Constitution in a knot

Production shots - Summer 2018

Sculpture to be completed: Summer 2019

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A new series began surfacing in 2018, as Robin Antar began exploring combining her Pop culture work with the emotionality of her abstractions. Her current work-in-progress involves representing the U.S. Constitution as a stone “knot” sculpture.

“I decided to combine the two art styles in this sculpture to express all the craziness that is going on in our history, not as a political statement but as an observation of events and trends.”

- Robin Antar

Robin Antar


Marble and mixed media


29"h X 15"w X 20"d

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This piece was carved after the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center.


"I was thinking, what is America, what could I carve in stone that would represent this event that forever changed America? I wanted the piece to transcend the obvious symbols of the Twin Towers or the American flag. To me, America is comfort food and fun, so M&M's became the perfect representation for America in this sculpture." 

- Robin Antar

North Tower 9/11 prompted Antar to continue her exploration into food for the answers to "What is America?"

Robin Antar




7"h X 14"w X 10"d

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Robin Antar

WIN THE FIGHT - bronze

Cast from an original stone carving


Bronze / AP

7"h X 14"w X 16"d 

A/P SOLD  Edition size: 12

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WIN THE FIGHT - marble

Carrara marble


7"h X 16"d X 14"w

On show at ABC Stone, Brooklyn, NY

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