Abstract Stone Sculpture

An abstract stone sculpture is the perfect way to showcase creativity and add a modern, unique touch to your home, business, or office.

Creation Process

My creation process is dictated by thoughts and moods. These stone sculptures are the thoughts I have while creating the sculpture.

Sometimes I meditate before I form the sculpture so I can transfer feelings of tranquility to the stone. Alternatively, if I am angry or stressed, I attack the stone with powerful tools such as diamond blades and air hammers.

The beauty of these sculptures is that each has a unique soul. My goal is to bring a rock new life by breathing my emotions into its grooves. This means that each has its own character that is different from any other sculpture.

Types of Abstract Stone Sculptures

My sculptures come in some basic varieties, all created to represent specific emotions or experience. These styles include:

  • Figures. Each of these sculptures represents emotions and experiences of life.
  • Graphic works. This type of sculpture has patterns that have tension to create an overlapping effect. Each sculpture is fighting for its own individuality.
  • Knots. The stone knots represent the anxieties and difficulties of raising children.
  • Organic works. These sculptures are also created to represent the specific emotions or experience of a particular event that inspired me.
  • Visual. With this style, I share the experience of vision through fundamental feelings and basic sensations. Each is visualized and sculpted from the inside out.
  • Wine knots. These sculptures are made to hold bottles of wine, but you can use them as a standalone art piece if you desire. This is an attractive alternative to a traditional wine rack.

While there are many previously made sculptures available for sale, I can also create a custom sculpture for you.

Contact Information

If you are interested in purchasing an abstract stone sculpture, browse through the images here to see which ones are still available, or
contact me to ask questions about my work.

         My abstract stone sculptures depict the waves of thoughts moving through my mind at various moments. Sometimes, I sit in front of the stone, shut my eyes and meditate before starting the art process.  I think of the form I need to create to transfer feelings of tranquility onto these works. When I feel angry, I attack the stone with the same mass array of sharp and powerful tools such as 7-inch diamond blades and high-powered air hammers, to chisel away and eliminate my stress, anxiety, and frustration.  These emotions vanish as they are infused into the rock.

Its true beauty of these sculpture lays not merely in its physical presence, but in its soul.  My point is to bring a dead rock to life. What better way than to give it a physical shape and breathe my emotions into its grooves?

Abstract Artists Statement