My Passion as a sculptor involves a technique I uncovered more than 20 years ago -- the precise art of creating "virtual records" of contemporary culture -- capturing common, everyday items in stone. Essentially, I replicate these items on a real life scale, complete with meticulous detail. I acheive this absolute realism by incorporating parts of the actual object as well as custom-made stains, paints, plastics and gold leaf. It's more than art imitating life, it's art mirroring life.


• Represented by POP International Gallery,
New York, NY

Cuttin' the Mustard: Brooklyn sculptor Robin Antar carves everyday condiments out of stone. Artist will have a dozen pieces at POP International Gallery by Gina Salamone, New York Daily News, New York, NY January 3.

• Selected fo by Michael L. Royce, Executive Director of New York Foundation For the Arts, for Curate NYC,



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